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Aram Drake

Aram's career in the underground coal mining industry spans nearly 2 decades, during which time he has developed practical savviness and technical expertise, which has etched him at the forefront of his peers. Breathing life into Clearcut Mining Solutions in 2004, Aram quickly forged a reputation in the industry for excellence in all aspects of technical and Statutory support, capacity optimisation as well as project delivery.

Aram understands the needs of each client are unique and adopts a site specific, individual approach to all his projects. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, along with his confident leadership skills, Aram has been highly sort after by major mining companies to fill role statutory and technical roles as well as supporting and managing major underground projects.

Jeff Daveson

During Jeff's 11 year career in the underground mining industry he has developed a reputation for his attention to detail, whilst still maintaining a holistic perspective. This unique ability contributed to his rapid ascension from graduate to Statutory Mechanical Engineering Manager in just 5 short years.


Jeff's experience bridges all facets of underground longwall and development mining, from conveying to dewatering, overhauls and compatability testing. He has been involved in every aspect of the project management process from initial design phases to procurement, commissioning and life of mine planning. He also brings an extensive understanding of all relevant legal codes, practices and Australian standards pertinent to working in the mining industry.